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It's veggie month

Those without children aren't maybe aware that this month is veggie month. For myself, I've been reminded several times that strawberries don't count as veggies, unlike broccolis. Dang. 


Donc, si je comprends bien, le mois des legumes, c'est partout dans le monde occidental, et je n'y echapperais pas. Je me trompe ou quelque part c'est pire que Careme? Meme-pas-de-fraises. Meme pas d'ananas. Meme pas de bananes! Liberez les bananes! Mort aux broccolis!



PS: Thanks to Sonia at Apartment Therapy Unplggd for her interest in my crafty-geeky thingies. This time with my friend Krysalia, yeah!


Oooh Bunnies just wanna have fun...

Kodomo usagi and new Photoshop CS5