Birdie and Bunny

My friend Em , who's visiting, asked me the process of a post : first draw, scan, then put colors, add the copyright, convert to JPEG, and then go to Squarespace, write, and download. Save. Done! 

Is that what you wanted to know, Em?


And of course, you need Alex to take care of the Bu so you have a little quiet time to be able to blog. That's the most important part. Thanks you Alex :)

This week-end we celebrated my fortieth birthday with my friends from here and some from Europe, how sweet, I had such a grand time, thank you guys!

Mon amie Em (10 ans), en visite, me demande comment je blogue. Croquis, scan, color, conversion, hop hop...Et une image pour vous les gars!

Avec un grand merci a Alex qui s'est occupe du Bu le temps que j'explique tout ça. Ce week-end on a fêté mes 40 ans avec tous mes amis d'ici et d'autres qui avaient vole exprès d'Europe. C'est fantastique de se sentir entourée comme ça, quelle chance, merci!