Pause cafe (2)

I have some personal messages today:

To Sophie, 4, who asked for "MORE!" after I drew some bunnies for her at the playground, please be just a little bit patient, it's coming.

To Olg (as in Olivier), who likes my "real world" sketches and find them too rare, and Clo, who paints so much better and whom I think about every time I try to keep the whim while struggling with the brush, this piece is dedicated, happily.

And last but not least, to Mo, who cheerfully follows my blog and supports me with smiles and wine when necessary: Happy birthday dearest!

A Clo parcequ'elle me donne envie de dessiner d'apres nature, et à Olg qui trouve que c'est trop rare: merci!

A Sophie, 4 ans, qui en a demande "PLUS!" au parc apres que je lui ai dessine un lapin : ca vient.

Et le plus important, à Mo, qui supporte volontiers le blog et son auteure : Bon Anniversaire!