Welcome to le Lapin dans la Lune. My name is Delphine, I'm a French artist living in California, welcome!

Stuck in the storm

Last week we had four stromy days : stormy Monday, stormy Tuesday, and stormy Thursday too.

We say " It rain like a cow that"...What? Says the cow. Nothing I say. I'm stuck in a coffee shop. I might have another latte. Please have one too. How many bunnies in your latte? One is enough for me.

feelin' goofy...


Il a plu. Comme tous les ans, mais vu qu'ici il ne pleut pas six mois d'affilee, evidement j'avais perdu mon parapluie.

Jamais assez de lapins. J'oublie aussi. On va y repenser. Et je cartonne toujours, cette mer de boites n'en finit plus!

hedgehog day

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