Cueillons des aujourd'hui les roses de la vie

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©del4yo delphine doreau 2009

No, this picture wasn't taken in an aquarium. It was just raining a LOT in San Francisco today. My neighbor goldfish escaped by the window. We are still looking for it. I might have seen it singing in the lemon tree but I'm not quite sure. Too many jelly fishes.

No kidding. I promised the end of the cherry tree story , but there is actually 2 endings and maybe some more.

First of all, the next day after my post , I got a very extravagant and fantastic parcel from France, from my friend La Trolette. Inside there was a card with a beautiful photo she made a year ago. Yes I know, roses they are, but not very far from my cherry tree, and anyway the coincidence was stuning, and reminded us of the French Carpe Diem by Ronsard "Let's gather nowadays the roses of life".

Then today while I was reading one of my favourite French blogs, le haut clos. And a HUGE surprise was waiting for me! Thinking of my little cherry tree, Clothilde added a few flowers to the invitation  she made for a shop opening. She said that like that I had my proof...How lovely, how sweet!

I love this idea of artists sharing a same subject for fun and friendship. I will now cherish twice the little cherry tree on Quai Branly. Once for memories, twice for friendship. Thank you so much les cheries!