Birds birds birds!

I'm lucky I have great internet friends. Thanks to Sissou I learned my prints and stickers were shown at Le Salon Maison et Objet in Paris, and now thanks to Lilfairy I can show you a picture of the exhibit!

Yey! You can now order giclee prints on canvas of the birds and some more illustrations at Lilipinso's. I didn't see the paintings on their website yet, but you can find them already on the new catalogue here.

There's so many talented artists presented in this catalogue it makes me shy!

I did some more detailed version of the birds everybody liked, and then made another 3 illustrations, a hedgehog and a squirrel and the cutest bunny I could do, adding layers and layers of love and details until I wanted bad to buy them for my baby's room :P

Thank you so much Lilfairy, Ho so kind and sweet from you!


This picture was taken on Lilipinso stand, by Lilfairy, with my birds on it. I'm a bit confused about what to put as copyrights. Rights of the pictures are retained by Lilipinso for 3 years, and Lilfairy took the photo...I'm a bit lost. Anyway, rights are reserved and please respect them.

Just one word about Lilfairy...This girl is so clever and artsy, take some time to check her websites, if only to be able to say when she will be famous "Oh yeah, I already knew about her".

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