Welcome to le Lapin dans la Lune. My name is Delphine, I'm a French artist living in California, welcome!

Most awful seamstress award

I guess I won it. I'm not patient enough to do things correctly, but I do have a lot of fun.

My happy cushion covers were made with canvas from Darlene's ( I love the place), some beautiful Japanese dots I bought at WhizBang (cutest little shop ever),and fifties vintage I found on ebay. And the throw is from Urban Outfitters all right. Maybe I will have to work on a sofa cover someday when I will fill courageous enough to to a pattern. Ouch.



Je ne suis pas bonne couturiere. Je m'amuse trop, je ne suis pas patiente et surement pas perfectionniste (du moins pas pour ca). Je ne suis meme pas fichue de suivre un patron. Mais j'aime beaucoup ca!

Un bout de toile du tissus Japonais et un tissus vintage west-coast, me voila ravie...Pas moyen de me rappeller si les pois Japonais sont de Kokka , mais si je cherche je vais encore depenser des sous, non non non!

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