Welcome to le Lapin dans la Lune. My name is Delphine, I'm a French artist living in California, welcome!

terreur des bacs a sable

Pas lui, moi. Faut pas chouraver les joujoux de mon loulou.

"Terreur des bacs a sables" is a cute french idiom. "Playground brat" could be a translation.
I'm the one. Not him. He's sweet. A bit too sweet for the other children playing around I'm afraid.I had a hard time getting his toys back.


Perfect day for a new polka-dot dress. And a new blue polka-dot sweat shirt. And when he got back home my husband was wearing a black polka-dot shirt. I felt like we were in board game, a cute set of card. Like in "I completed the stripes family, I have only part of the checker one, did you complete the dotty family?"

Quand mon homme est rentre du boulot il portait une chemise noire a pois*. Genre "Dans la famille a pois, je voudrais le papa!" . Un vrai petit jeu des sept familles. Sauf que le chat etait toujours a rayures, lui.
Quel snob!

*Non je n'avais pas remarque, il est parti avant mon cafe et j'ai pas les yeux cales en face des trous avant mon cafe.

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