You make my day award (power of ten)


I can't believe I've been tagged twice for the "you make my day " award! Thank you Sophy and Chrispy!
Now it's my turn. It's very difficult to choose!

Makemydayaward_2Give the
award to up to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and
inspiration and make you feel so happy about Blogland! Let them know by
posting a comment on their blog so that they can pass it on. Beware!
You may get the award several times!

1. First one is easy: I never told her but really it's a bad day if I can't find some time to read Angel's blog. Sorry guys it's in French only.   Angel is a witty person who turns every bad moment in her day into reasons to laugh on her blog. I just love it.

2.Second one is easy too. Moukmouk is a big white bear. He lives in the North, of course, and has a lot of concern about global warming. He's very sensitive too, and can tell you beautiful stories about animals. The reason I put him in second is obvious : you don't want to get in trouble with a white bear. :)

2.Becomes tricky. Did you notice? I'm not very good at remembering numbers. I just can't chose between Adelie and Lilfairy. If Amelie had a blog it would look a bit like Adelie's and Lilfairy's blogs.  Lucky you they both speak English!

2. Did I already said 2? Maybe it's 3 now. I don't like the idea of classifications. 3 is as good as 2 and 4, let me introduce Le Haut Clos . Clo doesn't speak English but you will find on her blog delightful illustrations about her family life nearby Paris. I can feel the light of the river Seine banks when I open her page.


4.Or is it 6? Every evening after a long long very long day, the last thing I do is reading Becks and Posh. Thanks to Sam I discovered there is a life as a food lover in San Francisco. Precious.

Let's stop with itemisation. It took me eons to calculate WHEN Poppalina has breakfast on Sundays. Is it before OR after me? Very tricky.  Anyway she has one of the most creative blogs, I love to check what's up on the other hemisphere.

I hardly have time these days to create paper toys, but I enjoy reading Paper Forest. I wish I had time to print all their links.

I know she must have been tagged gazillions of time, but it's a good day when I can enjoy a post of  Amy from Angry Chicken. Her creativity is contagious. She made me sew, and I enjoy it so much .I can't believe it!

Are we at ten already? Oh I just can't choose!  But I can't close this list without linking  to Volume , the blog of a French artist and illustrator, Laure.  Check her blog, enjoy her illos and sketches. I'm glad I'm not the jealous kind.

Ten? I'm not finished! There is Krysalia, and la Trollette...and ... and what a tricky meme!


Ah flute je n'ai pas le temps de traduire!

Mesdames, monsieur, si je vous ai "tagguees" a vous de faire de meme!

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