Welcome to le Lapin dans la Lune. My name is Delphine, I'm a French artist living in California, welcome!

Between red and blue

All I have to give is a few hens who found a key. Nothing to do with politics, but a fun answer to Krysalia, who posted a comment about a sculpture of an hen used to hide the jam cupboard key, at her grand mother house's.

And since it was about jam, I made a label for home made jam, of course. 

Un commentaire de Krysalia, a propos des clefs du placard aux confitures, dans un des precedents posts, m'a inpire la premiere image...Et puisqu'il s'agit de confitures, c'etait trop tentant, je vous ai fait une etiquette.

Pas d'usage commercial, merci. 



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