Let's get silly (I'm 8 and a half myself)

I enjoyed a lot the story Enidd ( Hi neighboor!) wrote when she was six. Since I'm height and a half myself and I can handle Photoshop a little bit but only when the Twain plug-in is not crashing the whole thing because I installed new Epson drivers, I did a picture about it.

(If your Photoshop is crashing because you installed new Epson drivers, just delete the d*mn plug-in and draw some owlets for fun.)

Owlets_omeletteⒸdel4yo-Delphine Doreau 2007

Et je vais pas traduire hein, y'a personne qui lit huhu. Combien de Francais sur les 744 personnes qui sont passees hier? Dites coucou pour voir?

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