White wall

(transparent screen with a twist, end)

If your screen is in front of a white wall and you don't want to move it to take a picture, follow these steps:
Download my whitewall texture ( a white wall has a texture. This one is for a white wall painted with a roll, approximatively 2.5 inches behind a flat screen)

Download white.jpg

A very interesting picture indeed.
You will need my birds too, or any picture on a transparent layer:

Download burds_make02.png



1.Open white.jpeg in Photoshop. Add a gradient layer, in multiply mode, to recreate the shadow on your wall ( there is always a shadow, if not there is too much light in your room, or not enough, go to the beach instead of working there, it's not good for your eyes).

2.Copy and paste my burds. Double clic on the layer. Add a drop shadow effect with a

opacity: corresponding to the density of the shadows on your wall
distance: corresponding to thedistance between your wall and the birds
size: corresponding of the way your shadows are blurred on your wall.

A shadow is always softer and lighter than you think.

et voila, instant transparent screen, just add water!

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