transparent screen with a twist

Desolee, pas de traduction francaise cette fois-ci, je n'ai pas trop le temps...
All images copyright del4yo & krysalia. Menus are from Photoshop CS3.

Today we will have a lot of fun, adding some quirky graphic birds with realistic shadows to a "transparent screen".

Please, please don't say " I can do this with the effects in Photoshop hahaha". First, not everybody has Photoshop and this tutorial can be applied to other graphic softwares if you are just a little bit clever (you will need layers, though). Then , there is no "perspective" option in the Photoshop effects and that's the interesting part.

1.First of all:

make a photo of what's behind your screen. (thanks, krysalia!)



crop the image to the portion corresponding to your screen.


Download burds_make02.png

3.Copy and paste this image (burds_make02.png) in a layer. Copy, move, etc. to your taste:




It's fun, but it would be more realistic with shadows matching the real ones. Let's do it!


4. duplicate this layer, then select  layer 1. Lock the transparency of the layer1


5.Fill with black (d,x,⌘+delete key).
If the shadows in your room are blue, or brown, use a blue or a brown instead of black.


6. UNLOCK the layer. Use the blur filter, to match the way the shadows are blurred in your room. Notice that the more close an object is to a surface, the less blurred will be the shadow.



7.Play with the opacity of the layer until the shadows match the real ones.




8. Make the duplicated layer visible. Use the transform tool ( in the Edit menu) so the shadows will match the other shadows in your picture. Note the light direction and just follow it!





Et voila!





9. Use it as a desktop background .  There is quirky birds behind your screen!



(This is a simulation)