Color me ugly

They say babies love vivid colors...But do they have to be ugly colors?
Vivid colors can be nice and cute, but the usual toy maker doesn't know about it.
I think it participates to colorphobia in occidental world. How can you like colors if the ones you had to play with were ugly?

Crop2lardⒸdel4yo-Delphine Doreau 2007

I would love to find toys in the vivid colors of beautiful saris, English Smarties or Hungarian embroidery. No way. Here you are, stuck for the afternoon in the nursery, looking around while the baby gets asleep, watching this ugly brilliant yellow paired with a scarlet red , an eye killing royal blue, and the annoying office green. England only escaped a century ago from a 50 years long trend of aniline mauve for you to find it paired with all the other colors of your child's toys. Talk about an education!

What a chart:


No color is ugly. It's the way you put them together that will make them ugly or not.
Aniline mauve is beautiful on a Victorian dress. But paired with this green? ouch.

It's really possible to have fun with vivid colors and still have a pleasant result.

I'd love to find more things like this:


or even like that?


It's my own taste of course. Maybe you would like kahki and beige, navy blue and red, or orange and purple toys? I'd love some plain orange too!

As an adult I'm free to choose between a lot of styles and colours when I want to buy an outfit or an object. I'd be glad to have more choice for my baby, and find some stuff that will suit my style.

I found some relief here :

Oompa toys and Moolka toys,
with brands like Haba, Sigikid , Latitude enfant, and our (me&Bibu) favourite: Jellycat.
we also love Wee Gallery for their black and white apealing pictures.

Si vous voulez une traduction dites-le dans les coms, je m'y mettrais...

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