Don't worry, be happy

Burds_cropⒸdel4yo-Delphine Doreau 2007

Today like every day at 4pm, I went to my favourite coffee shop for a large mocha, with my baby in his sling. It's the best part of the day, Bibu Minouche is sleeping snoring cutely and I do need my coffee after a very long day.

I came back home and put the coffee on the chest of drawers nearby the changing table. I went to change the baby, all smile and fun cooing and gurgling and singing with him. I turned my head one second while I extended my hand to reach the nappies on the chest of drawers, one hand on my baby... To my surprise Bibu managed to pee in a  neat stream up to the ceiling, down into my coffee.

It happens each time I think that really you don't need warm baby wipes, no problem, this wipe warmer was such an unnecessary expense, haha. Cold wipes make babies pee, you've got to know that. Well you don't really need to know it, but I do. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. But my little boy was looking at me in such a cute way , like " Did I do something wrong or what?" and smiling and cooing, so I choose to laugh, cuddle on my bed with the baby and play with him . Tummy time on maman's belly, so much fun!! Yey!

Fun to the point he actually vomited all his milk on me, my hair and the comforter. 

I knew this time what I had to do : I had a good laugh and a shower, put the comforter in a bag, the baby in his sling and went to the laundry. Lucky me, the owner recognized me, and told me my husband paid too much last time he came and actually gave me money instead of making me pay.

So I went to the cafe to spend this extra change, told my story with a big smile to the barista so he can have a good laugh too, and lucky me once again, he said "It's on me!". How nice of him, really.

I went back home in a very cheerful mood, thinking how much I like to live in a city with such nice and honest people.

I was also thinking that  if I had gone to their shops grumbling with a grimace on my face, maybe they would not have been that nice.

Really, sometimes, life is better if you just take it easy.

I wish I was able to react like that every time.

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