Chiyogami Monday

Chiyogami Monday is a cute project Lilfary put on a year ago. I really enjoy participating. We are a group of (mostly) French artists, and we find the Japananese "chiyogami"  prints so beautiful that we decided to try to make some of our own. The best way to study is to practice!
It's an ancient tradition between France and Japan to be inspired by eachother.

Chiyogami Monday published a brochure at


It's not a big one, but every page is cute, with patterns and articles from Adelie , B comme Bérénice, Charlie pOpDoune, LaureVolume, lilfairy, Miss Trop, and myself.
It's a bit expensive, but it's home publication, no advertising, and a lot of hard work from our director, Lilfairy ( thanks for the hard work sweetheart).

This numero is all about Kotori ( small bird in Japanese). It's written in French and translated in English, too.
I'm very excited about it!


Our theme for March is momo (もも, fleur de pecher).

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