A pea in the pod

If I well understood ( correct me if I'm wrong) a common expression to say someone is pregnant is " a pea in the pod". I also heard "as snug as a pea in a pod", to express comfort. I like this expression better than the more common " a bun in the oven" and the even more coarse French expression " un polichinelle dans le tiroir" ( a puppet in the drawer). This last I find almost gross.
I thought I should give "peas a chance" and made an illustration:

Peas02Ⓒdel4yo-Delphine Doreau 2007

"Un petit pois dans sa cosse", qui traduit ausi le confort ( comme un petit pois dans sa cosse), voila une expression Americaine qui me sied beaucooup plus que l'affreux " polichinelle dans le tiroir" Francais, qui je ne sais pourquoi, me parait super vulgaire. Bref j'ai trouve l'expression jolie, en voici l'illustration.

Delphine DoreauComment