Baies de paille- Strawberries

Born_strw09(traduction dans la suite)

If you want to see a version large enough to appreciate the details, you will have to go to
my fotologue gallery.

I know, you were able before to enjoy my illustrations full size here. I had to re-write the html code each time, download my pictures twice, etc, to be hable to show my pictures full size. I calculated  I spent at most 537x15mn= 134 hours and 25 minutes (5 days, more or less) doing this since I opened my blog. During that time I could have painted 20 to 30  illustrations!

Typepad doesn't allow me to show images bigger than 640 pixel, it's a ridiculous small size for illustration. I asked them to change that, but they answered they don't care at all, for it's not in the list of the most wanted things on their open tickets. 

So I'm a bit fed up and I don't know what to do. Any Idea?