Bintzer done that

As I said yesterday, we went to bimbo's for a beautiful show. It's amazing how the sound is better here than the one I was used to in France, plus usually people are nicer...well usually.
Last Sunday, there was these people just behind us. As they explained to me later, they were here only for the third part of the show, and didn't want to hear the begining. So they were talking and of course they were yelling louder than the music. I was desperatly trying to listen for the first song of a very delicate and talented singer : Juana molina.  She is amazing really.

I asked politely: " hey guys I'm sure you have a very interesting
conversation and I'm sorry to disturb you, but can you let us listen to
the music?". And the guy yelled at me:


Hem. We are in America, so of course the guy politely apologized after. But still, they continued speaking and yelling during the show, and when the guy introduced himself and apologized, I said " it's OK Jo, I will put this on my blog tomorrow and it will be great fun !!"

Jo laughed because he thought I was kidding.

Heehee, I was not ! :P

C'est traduit dans l'image ou presque, comme d'habitude.
Ne vous cassez pas la tete avec les c*ns, allez plutot voir la jolie chanteuse:

Juana molina

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