Festina Lente

Means "Hasten Slowly" in latin, and is well known to be the snail motto. It's also the motto of the Earl of Onslow, but I can't guarantee the Earls of Onslow had ever anything to do with snails, except maybe eating some on a trip to France. 

I went on the genealogy of this old sentence until I found it on Macrobius Saturnalia. I guess it was written for the roman winter feast -not for the love of a  sauropodomorph. And it was quoted :

Σπεῦδε βραδέως
But I'm sorry I never ever spoke greek.

My dear Maman used to tease us with this sentence when we were teenagers.


Hate-toi lentement. Dont acte : j'ai effectivement pris mon temps pour cette illustration, commencee le 23 janvier. Je me suis bien amusee, mais j'aurais pu faire au moins 10 illustrations avec les differentes images dont elle est construite!


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