Something fishy-Chiyogami Monday

Every monday we try to make a new pattern that look like Chiyogami paper :)
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Chiyogami appeared at the same moment as Edo Ukiyo-e woodblock engravings. It was created to make dolls, gift wrapping and other children and women crafting objects. Some very well know engravers and artists created Chiyogami. This adorable art survived until now, but most of the time the paper you'll find in shops are not woodblocks prints anymore. However, we can still study and enjoy Chiyogami Edo style.

I don't really know if was much used for Origami during the Edo period, but looks like it's all the fashion now! So here is a pattern I made, maybe you can find a nice origami fish to fold.

This pattern is a seamless, so you can repeat it and print it.
No commercial use, thanks.

Delphine DoreauComment