[Photoshop] Dotted tutorial


Adelie asked me how to create the halftone dots in this picture. These were really a brush I found on the internet, But here is how to do your own dotty pictures

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Un petit tuto pour Adelie qui se demande comment creer des trames halftone sur Photoshop.
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Halftone Pattern Tutorial


(Black is for english, brown for French.)



1. first take a picture. Don't make it too big , or too detailed. Halftone pattern fun is a question of details and scale.
1.Prenez une image, pas trop grande, pas trop detaillee. La trame quadri c'est une question de details et d'echelle.


2. first be sure your colors are set to black and white (+D)
2. verifiez d'abord que vos couleurs sont Noir et Blanc (+D)




3.Then choose Filter>Sketch>Halftone pattern
choose size and contrast to your taste.

3.Utilisez  Filter>Sketch>Halftone pattern (je ne sais pas en Francais...)

Here is the result:



Ca c'est le resultat.


4.If like me you would like an oversized effect on the dots, overscale your picture:
choose Image> Image size (⌥+⌘+i)

4. Si comme moi vous vouliez une texture a gros points, agrandissez l'image:
Image> Image size (⌥+⌘+i)






5.The result is a bit blury. I like its crisp. Choose :
Image> Adjustments>Threshold

5.Le resultat n'est pas assez net a mon gout. Je n'y vais pas avec le dos de la cuillere et je fais:
Image> Adjustments>Threshold


Now your picture is crisp and sharp. playing with masks and Colours you can really have fun:
Maintenant vous avez de beaux points bien nets, a vous de jouer!