Portnawak Day

I  decided that tomorrow has to be a portnawak Day. Portnawak is old Parisian slang for "whatever". We are getting into fall now, and soon it will be winter and we are all getting serious and grumpy. We have to prevent that. I makes tomorrow a good day for doodles without meaning. So if you feel like it, just have fun and post doodles tomorrow!

Je viens de decider que demain devait etre un "Portnawak Day". Nous rentrons dans l'automne et bientot l'hiver, tout le monde devient serieux et grognon et tout et tout,  il faut reagir. Donc demain est un bon jour pour gribouiller sans queue ni tete et poster sans remords. A vos crayons!!

Delphine DoreauComment