Delessio c'est delicieux


I'm not a posh girl, and when I have questions about food or want advice about where to eat , I usualy check my favourite Bay area food blog, Becks and Posh. "Il n'est de bon bec que de Paris " isn't always true.

Still, I love to escape from my computer and walk in the city in search of the perfect cheap eat, perfect mocha, perfect cheese cake...And it's been a while I had a special craving. I needed to find where to enjoy both good croissant and delicious hot chocolate. I wasn't  as picky as I would be in Paris. I didn't ask for perfection. Dipping a crunchy croissant in hot milky creamy chocolate is not a bay area traditional treat...I guess some people would even find it disgusting. But still, I'm an old Parisian girl and I need it from time to time. Call it culture, Madeleine de Proust or special need for comfort food, these days I was craving for my treat!

Quite often we go at Delessio for brunch. It's not the best brunch spot in town, but they have a nice buffet and good pastries, and we like the laid-back ambiance. We already knew about the hot chocolate. It's good, creamy, tasty, lovely. Not as good as Cafe de Flore's hot chocolate, but Flore is 5577 miles away, so let's not be picky. This hot chocolate is not watery, and the chocolate doesn't look like coming from an awful "just add water" mix. Yesterday I tried the Delessio croissant to go with my happy chocolate mug, in the usual desperate and almost suicidal attempt. Even in France it's difficult to find good ones, so I wasn't expecting too much.

My point of view about a croissant, is that it has to be  lightly crusty outside, to the point to flake in large pieces when you brake it in bites size. Then the inside must be thick and supple, buttery but not greasy, and when dipped in chocolate, has a distinctive almost almondish dough taste. Croissant here (and  in France) are often too big, buttery-greasy on the outside and dry inside. Yucky.

To my great surprise, the Delessio croissant was just perfect.  I had two, and I'll come back with delight for more. Yeepee!

Delessio has a website if you want to know more about them:

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