I will survive!

Today I tried to survive Mac World...It's OK if you go with a rugby player.

Today, and hopefully only today, I hated all the guys  over 45 years old. 
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I'm not really Feminist. But I noticed that every time ( I stopped counting at 12) I tried to

  1. ask a question
  2. look at a screen
  3. catch an item to look at it

There was a guy (geek):

  1. with a belly over his belt
  2. over fourty-five years old
  3. with sometime but not always glasses and comfort shoes

Who would step in front of me (if not on my feet) and:

  1. ask a ten minute question
  2. not even look at the screen
  3. take the item and look at it for a very long time.

I went out with a bad feeling about guys over fourty five in computer conventions. They were the only ones to act like that. Do they think they are the kings of the (Mac) world or what?

I send my love to all the women, and all the guys under fourty five who noticed me, understood my questions, answered with a smile ( and sometimes a beautiful one)  and didn't step on my favourite shoes.
Without them, I would have felt very, very pityful
and frustrated. 

Girls in computer conventions don't exist.
I felt completely invisible today.

I hated it

Delphine DoreauComment