Je blogue n'importe quoi et je vais me coucher

C'est un hommage.

En fait c'est une de mes decouvertes culinaires ici, et meme si je  prefere la manger au restaurant pluto qu'en boite...Je le dis, huit ans sans clam chowder c'etait trop dur, il a fallu que je revienne.


This is an homage to what I love in US culture:

Wayne Thiebaud
Andy Warhol
Clam chowder

It took me eons to be able to pronounce these names but I'm glad I did it.

Can I go to bed now?

Who want to test these restaurants with me?


Sam I'm missing you...See, I blog food and made a Giraffe album. Please come back! ( I hope you're enjoying every minute of your vacation time)

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