Angel's questionary

He y'a un post en dessous aussi!

For my not French speaking anglosaxophone friends who wondered about that very very long post I did 2 days ago, it's a questionary about life and so on that my friend Angel wrote. I thought you deserved a translation:

14 Essentials Questions  for You:

1 How do you kill mosquitoes?
2 simple, double or triple?
3 life death  and cows,how about you?
4  which department?
5 Quote someone you really find pityfull,(not me or...)
6 F... hungry yes, but what are you hungry of ?
7 A not so pretty word but it's sooo good to say it from time to time.
8 What do you see?
9 Alone on a desert iland...
10 The worst movie ever
11 A living hell?
12 A secret ( ok everyody will know it)
13 Make a kiss!
14 You're done, how do you feel now?

It was very difficult to translate, so I expect you, my dear friends , to answer it:
Mr Peeldog , lady Paintbetty , and sweet Sam  if you feel like it of course!

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