Merry Chrismas from San Francisco

We prepared it on a very sunny day...It was kind of weird, I'm not used to Christmas in flip flop and Tshirts, but we worked hard to give the party a real Xmas feeling.

XvasesI did my best for the flowers

XreindeerAnd really it was an uncommon warm day to trim a tree. But the feeling was there anyway!

And the best was to come

XcakeSweet Sam reinvented "buche de Noel " for us. "I'm trying to beat the French on their own field " she joked. We were a bit worried when she filled our plates with big piece of the cake...It looked good but we had a very nice and unhealthy diner before. And then we finished our plates with great delight and admitted that is was the best buche ever!

Donc voila, un joli Noel au soleil, avec sur la fin une merveilleuse genoise au chocolat tres legere entourant une creme fouette pralinee...Euh j'aime pas les desserts, et puis je blogue pas trop ma vie mais la holala...D'habitude la buche c'est du ciment a la creme au beurre et celle la c'etait un petit nuage!

So I'm blogging it: please Sam write down the recipe for us!



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