Welcome to le Lapin dans la Lune. My name is Delphine, I'm a French artist living in California, welcome!

Franche rigolade

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De gauche a droite, french manicure, french coffee roast, french fries,

puis en bas french dip, french onion dip, french dressing.

Soit manucure Californienne, cafe Americain, frites belges

un sandwiche de rostbeef a tremper ( mais d'ou ils le sortent celui-la)

une espece de creme d'oignon pour les chips, du pop-corn a la Vanille des iles, et

pire que tout, de la vinaigrette sucree.

Et last but not least:

Le seul, l'unique, le french poddle.


Et pan pour le rayonnement de la France a l'etranger.

All those French things I never heard about before coming here:

French manicure, French coffee roast, French fries,

French dip, French onion dip, French dressing.

Even the French dressing, there is no sugar in our vinaigrette usualy...

Fries are from Belgium, French manicure from California...Never see a French dip before. Looks english to me. Never had the guts to test it!

And last but not least, the French poddle.

I'm particulary ashamed of that ridiculous dog, really.

French bulldogs are cute, but poddles? And I cannot say anything about, it's French, really it is.

About the French influence and culture, I would say, hem; there is some progress to do!

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