Inktober paper doll

I’m always grumpry about inktober.

First I’m not into black and white only. I like colors. I find that life is to short to go without colors, flying ones if possible. And the list of words to illustrate, when not totally depressing, are mostly designed for the young artsy/male-ish kind. I left art school 25 years ago, thanks, and even then I really didn’t care about expressing my virility in broad strokes :D

This year my friend Amelie hacked the list and made her own, that you can find here. Suddenly Inktober was inspiring (thanks Amelie), and since I’m always late, I decided to join the bandwagon with a flourish, a paper doll.

So here are the first 5 days of Amelie’s Inktober, hidden in this picture. Look for:

  1. Breton top

  2. Birds

  3. Black

  4. Beer
    ( There’s a play on words on this one. Beer isn’t really appropriate for underage paper dolls)

  5. Owl!

Print it on strong paper ( or glue the printed one on strong paper), cut out, and have fun.

Please respect my copyrights.

Delphine Doreau