Mini Xmas trees

I designed these little trees and asked Bibu to help cut out and glue . They are really easy to do once you get used to roll the paper a bit to form cones. You can make a whole forest quite fast!


We spent a fun afternoon talking while crafting. Then we made this little movie I posted on In-gram. It reminded me when he was a little boy and "helped" when I was making sets for my first book. We set up a little scenery on the diner table, and it was so cute that we left it as a center piece for diner. With a few houses, tea lights, and some flowers, it's really quite festive!

I designed two sets of little trees, one to color first( glitter and gold would be nice), please click on the picture to download a free printable:

And the other one with colors if you don't feel like playing with crayons today (I didn't). Enjoy!


Note to my readers: it is  ok to share my posts on Facebook, take pictures of the paper toys you made, etc. Just don't share the toy themselves on your blogs or websites. Link it if you liked it!  Please be kind enough to give credits and /or use the ashtags #del4yo or #ddoreau . I saw several  adorable pictures of my paper crafts on Instagram recently and I absolutely loved to see them, thanks!